Blizzard in September

No, it’s not cold here – far from it!  We are having a kind of “Indian Summer”.  I’m talking about schoolwork.

Have you ever experienced a whole bunch of projects and homework due at about the same time, and you feel like it can never get done?  If not, good for you.  It’s stressful!  Imagine taking the following classes, which, in fact, I am taking.

CSCI – Artificial Intelligence
CSCI – Operating Systems
CSCI – LISP Programming Language
CSCI – Software Engineering
CSCI – Theory of Computation
SPAN – Conversation Spanish
UBI   – Homiletics (Preaching)
UBI   – The Book of Daniel

CSCI stands for Computer Science, and UBI stands for Upstate Bible Institute.

Whew!  My friends told me last semester when they found out what I was taking that I was crazy – I think they were right!  So now I am burried by a blizzard of homework.  Some of it is easy, but much of it is not, and all of it takes time.  But I can’t give up!  Oh, boy, would I ever love to drop school and go back to a nice regular 40-hour work week…

No, I won’t think about that.  I’ve got to get back to my home work.  I’m learning, and more than just academics – I’m learning how to deal with pressure!

2 thoughts on “Blizzard in September

  1. Well, keep up the fight! Just think about the prize at the end of the race, and not the sharp pain in your side you’re experiencing at the present time. You’ll look back and know that you can do something really difficult without crumbling. Besides, you’ll be able to tell your kind, “When I went to college…”


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