Who I Am and What I Do, etc.

(I saw this list on the Reynolds Family’s blog and wanted to fill it in for myself.)

I am: a wife that grew up on a small Ozark farm and got born again to be married to an electrical engineer and be a mother of eight children
I think: raising children is more of a challenge than I ever imagined
I know: I learn more every year, especially from my husband and children
I have: the gift of God–eternal life 🙂
I wish: I had more time to do genealogy
I hate: hearing English used incorrectly, especially at church
I miss: seeing the dogwoods bloom on Matney Mountain in the spring
I fear: spiders
I feel: tired much of the time
I hear: my daughter’s feet running on the bare floor
I smell: the fresh stain on the new cedar balcony
I crave: sleep
I search: the house for lost keys, glasses, fingernail clippers, socks…
I wonder: if my lost family members will get saved
I regret: not praying for my family all these past years
I love: ice cream, tomatoes, and watermelon; but most of all, my husband
I ache: after pulling the weeds that I let get too big in the garden
I am not: a good encourager, but I want to learn to be
I believe: we need to want to be with Jesus, our Holy Creator, for all eternity
I dance: when I stub my toe
I sing: soprano, first soprano, descants, alto, and tenor; hymns and classic oratorios
I cry: sometimes when I pray for unsaved people
I don’t always: get to bed at a good time
I fight: my selfishness
I write: emails mostly, and daily entries in my calendar-journal
I win: at Pictionary with my husband as partner
I lose: at four-square
I never: cut my hair
I always: want to sing
I confuse: my husband and children probably
I listen: to the tape of our family singing
I can usually be found: at my computer
I am scared: of driving fast
I need: to praise my children more
I am happy about: going on trips with my husband
I imagine: visiting Arkansas
I am wearing: a worn-out denim jumper and floral short-sleeve blouse
I look forward to: finishing our house addition and moving things around


5 thoughts on “Who I Am and What I Do, etc.

  1. It was fun to fill out. Just copy it and erase the answers. It really makes you think. I tried to put down the first thing that came to mind. The one I copied from had great answers, but I had to be as honest as I could. So I put the answers that were true, not what I WISH I was. I’m getting better about the bedtime, but now I need to help my children retrain their inner clocks!

  2. Jamie,
    I talked with you while you were visiting in Ar.. The list you filled in made me think about what my life is all about. Thank you for all you do. I. Hope we get to meet at the pie supper in Martin Springs.

    If you learn more about John Menan Martin I would like to hear. Take care and if I can help you in any way, please call.

    Karla Reynolds. Hopkins

    Granddaughter of Louisa Martin Reynolds.

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