Progress on our house

front of addtion with new balcony

front of addition with new balcony

We have gotten much done on the house addition since last year’s post. We don’t have time to write! But reading others’ online journals has inspired me to try to write an update. First, though, I am testing this to see if it actually posts. Thanks for your patience with this little note.

6 thoughts on “Progress on our house

  1. You all have come quite a long way on it since last year! Looks quite cozy, especially with all the mist surrounding it.

  2. Actually, it’s not nearly the best picture I could have picked. I just uploaded the first thing I saw complete. I’ll try to find better ones.

  3. Nice to see the progress. It was a great experience to meet your family and share good moments back in the summer of 2008. God bless you!

  4. Hope the family is doing great!, I had a great time and it was amazing meeting the Parfitt familiy.
    This summer I moved from Puerto Rico to Maryland to work for JHU/APL and study computer science (PhD) @ university of maryland baltimore. I got married before coming to MD. God bless!

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