What we have been doing the past month

Some highlights of the past month include: harvesting 5 1/2 gallons of honey from our hives, almost finishing the siding on the house addition, finishing the concrete layer around the radiant heat (all four zones are now operational), scanning old letters from my great-great-great grandmother to my great-great grandmother, attending our church’s annual homeschool fair and getting a few prizes, special meetings at church with guest missionaries with an emphasis on Papua New Guinea and aviation, a pie social at church after one of the meetings, learning to cook with honey for the sweetener, eating our own home-grown beef (it really DOES taste better), celebrating Elliott getting his pilot’s license, and helping another man named Parfitt find out some of his family heritage.

We are now planning a special trip: going to visit my mother and grandmother in Arkansas the last week of December. I hope to meet my father’s uncle while we are down there. But I want to concentrate on visiting with Grandma Laura because she is 98. We will probably go bowling with her one day while we are down there. Ken and the boys want to do some work on their house, and that will probably take the form of replacing the floor in her bathroom.

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