A Poem

I suddenly wrote a poem the other evening after looking at old pictures on my laptop. When I showed it to my girls this evening, they told me to post it on the blog. It’s not a great poem, but it’s the first one I have written in about 15 years. Perhaps someone will be blessed by it. ~ Jamie

How My Heart Aches

How my heart aches as I look
On the photos in my book.
All the years that passed so fast
Many days that didn’t last.

See how small the babies were.
Now they’re grown; it’s such a blur!
How I miss my husband dear;
How I wish that he was near!

But the Lord is changing not.
He it is that cleans my spot
On my heart and on my mind.
He is patient, tender, kind.

Surely life is brief and sad,
But the blessings we have had!
Many happy times we share
All because of God’s sure care.

Jamie Ruth Blair Parfitt
April 12, 2018

6 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. That is certainly heartfelt. But please be assured that your labour is not in vain in the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58). As we young people make decisions to serve the Lord, you get credit for that too. Thank you for your parenting! Love, Reese

  2. Thank you sharing your lovely poem with us on your blog and for the gentle reminder that our faithful Lord changes not and is ever gracious and kind. You have blesssd many others both by your testimony as well as through your children. ☺️💗

  3. You have made a good poem Mrs. Parfitt. I hope you all are doing great and I pray that as you serve Jesus, he will bless you. Send my regards to your family. Goodbless.

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