Virginia FEW Conference 2018

Hello All!

Here we are in the van, nearly to New York! Annabelle’s at the wheel while Mom gets some rest. To cut the boredom, Skit (Karen) and Omi (Naomi) are attempting to write a report of this weekend’s trip!👩‍💻💻

So…this weekend was Family Encouragement Weekend in Virginia! 😄

Early Friday morning we girls and Mom finished packing the van and headed out!

A quick stop for chocolate milk and gasoline. Wait…those don’t go together very well!!! 😝

In PA we hit lots of snow and then heavy rain! Thank the Lord for giving us safety!

Annabelle drove 70 for the first time!😯

Where else would you stop for lunch besides Chick-fil-A??!😋


After a quick stop at our hostess’s house to change, we arrived at the church!

We ate a delicious dinner and had great fellowship, and then the conference began. It was so nice to see the Camusos, Staddons, Neelys, and others again!

Abbie and Omi

Orchestra (Karen and Naomi played violin and Annabelle played flute.) 

Mr. Wilkes taught that evening, and the FEW team orchestra played that evening.

Alex and “Sister Karen”

Alex and Omi

We got to our hostess’s place late, and she helped us haul everything but the kitchen sink out to the cabin. It was a good thing we didn’t bring ours, because the cabin already had a sink!😌🤭 

Up bright and early Saturday morning for a splendid breakfast provided by our hostess!

Bible reading and hair…🙄😬

Gator ride back to van

Back at the conference, we had ladies’ session downstairs and men’s session upstairs. Mrs. Neely taught about being S.T.E.A.D.F.A.S.T.


Mrs. Camuso and Alex😘😴

Next was childrens’ hour. First we learned a song about forgiveness and then they did a well-done skit about WW2. (Jacob DeShazer and Mitsuo Fuchida forgiving each other.)

While the moms prepared lunch, we children all went outside for game time. We played soccer, sharks and minnows, and lava pit. 

After lunch, Donald gave a chalk talk about becoming beloved sons.

They did questions and answers…

Abbie and I took pictures of each other between sessions…

Mr. Staddon spoke before prayer time, and then Mr. Neely spoke last.

FEW team singing

Supper and more fellowship

Photographer on the run!

If you’re with the Camusos and Staddons, how can you not play Dutch Blitz?

Abbie, Lauren, and Omi

Karen and April

At last it was time to clean up and get back to the cabin for some sleep.


Sunday morning!😁

Church was at the Wilkeses’ house.

All the unmarried children sang two songs for our parents: “Onward Christian Soldiers” and “Be Thou My Vision”

Afternoon lunch and fellowship

More soccer, sharks and minnows, and ultimate frisbee!😄

A beautiful sunset

We played more DB before it was time to leave. We and our good friends, the Camusos, went to Pizza Hut for food and fellowship. We had a jolly waiter and great pizza.

At last we had to say good-bye!😢

Monday morning…packing to leave.

The cabin was quite classic and cozy.

Parting shots…📸

All ready to go! (Uhh, no, it didn’t stay that neat!)

Mom’s cousin invited us to visit, so we did for a few hours.

Supper at KFC!😉

We drove up to Gettysburg, PA, to a quaint farmhouse that Mom found to rent that night for just $100! That was a blessing! 

Tuesday morning…cereal for breakfast. The hosts had raised their 8 children in this homey farmhouse, and it was quite comfortable.

Outside there was a basketball court…

Volley ball net…

Play area…

Pole ball…

And last but not least, a four-square court!😁👍👏

Have you ever seen such a chair?! (Comment below)

Soon we were on the road!

DQ for lunch! 😋 What is your favorite restaurant when your family travels? (Comment below) 

We stopped at a library in PA to search out some family history.

Now we’re on the last leg of our journey…

This weekend has been very encouraging! The Lord worked and I believe everyone was blessed! I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting fellow Christians. 

Almost home!!!😅😴

Until next time,

Omi & Skit

Pleasant Paragraphs®

(We made it home safely last night…just getting it posted today. We would have made 2 separate posts, but knew it would take forever to get the other one posted!)

20 thoughts on “Virginia FEW Conference 2018

  1. Yeah! Thanks for telling us about your trip. Nope, never seen a chair quite like that one before. Did you try it out? Grocery stores make a great place to stop to get something to eat . . . it’s cheaper that way, especially for a big family. 😀

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Yes, we also often like to stop at stores when there are lots of us traveling…Walmart’s so handy!😉 (And Miejers!😂)


  3. Great post and pictures, Omi and Skit!
    Couldn’t help noticing a few SSW ones though ;P You got some great pictures at the Wilkes’!!
    SO fun seeing you all!
    I have not seen a chair like that! We normally go to a grocery store too when we need something to eat on a trip. 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a fun trip. 🙂 On trips we usually pack a lunch and have a picnic, but I suppose in the colder months of the year that doesn’t work. We also sometimes stop at restaurants, especially if we have a gift card. 😉

  5. Naomi, you really need to move to Michigan so you can learn how to spell Meijer right ; ). Thanks for posting! And I just have to say, Alex is sooo cute!!!!

  6. Mi tingting olsem mi lukim pinis dispela kain sia, tasol mi no klia long wanem hap. Ating bai mi les long sindaun long em.
    Mi tu mi save laik kaikai long Chik-Fil-A, tasol wanem samting ol arapela i raitim em i tru tumas. Yumi mas tingting long yusim mani gut. Sampela taim mi save tingting, “Maski. Mi travel stap na yusim planti mani long mekim olgeta dispela bikpela trip, olsem na mi ken baim kaikai long laik bilong mi ya!” Tasol sapos mi laik holim mani yet bilong go travel long neks taim, mi mas tingting gut na mi no ken tromoim mani nating nating. Ating sapos yu stap wantaim famili o bikpela lain liklik, na yu no inap long baim bikpela o naispela Chik-Fil-A kaikai samting, dispela em i winim yet stap wanpis na baim kaikai long laik. Em tingting bilong mi tasol. Skelim kaikai wantaim poro i mas i winim kaikai olsem king na stap wan.

  7. Yes, Katie, Alex is super cute! He calls me “Sister Karen” or KK and Reese “Brother Reese” and everyone else by their names/nicknames.😂 And he says the most hilarious things, like “You picked me up” or “I’m gonna look at KK and KK will look at me!” Naomi and I couldn’t figure out how to spell Meijer so she made a guess!😄

  8. Good job, girls! Love the pictures! It was so fun getting to see you all, and it felt rather strange (and exciting!) to be with you several days in a row without being in NY 😉. Noticed some of our pics on here…does that mean we can use some of yours? 😜
    Woah, Reese! Y’all should have heard Abbie trying to interpret that Pidgin for me!! 😂😆😂

  9. Yu tok tru tumas, Ris! Mi tingim dispela samting, olsem! Tankyu long tokim! It seems like maybe I saw that kind of chair somewhere, but don’t remember where. And no, it would probably not be a good idea for you to sit on it!

    Sorry, Kate! No wonder I’m such a terrible speller; I don’t live in MI!! 😂 Actually, even though I am 50% German, I don’t speak a lick of it! Therefore I cannot spell German! Thank you for the correction!😆 Besides, we don’t have Meijer in NY.😔

    Yes, it was rather cold, Leona. Gift cards are the best!😄

    Of course y’all can use our pictures, Alyssa!🙃 Glad you enjoyed the post. I’m not sure if I would trust Abbie’s interpretation… 😂


  10. Hi Ya’ll. We tried an experiment with this post: my oldest son suggested inserting a break so that you didn’t have the whole post in your email, just in the post itself. Did you like it better that way, worse that way, or neither better nor worse (meaning you don’t care how we send it). 😄

    Mrs. Parfitt

  11. Naomi!!😯😆😅 That’s okay, it was very rough interpreting I am sure😇
    Mrs. Parfitt, I preferred having the whole post in the email–was actually a little disappointed that it wasn’t!🙃

  12. I’m glad for your vote, Abbie. I was disappointed, too! I think we will scrap that method, unless we get twenty votes to the contrary! 😃

  13. I meant to comment back to you earlier, Abs. Sorry! Glad you liked the pics…yes, a few were SSW!🤨 I was kidding about the Pidgin!😉 It’s hard to actually translate into English!😅 I’m glad you tried!👍

  14. Yes, I prefer for it to all be in the email. The pictures don’t show up for me any higher resolution when viewing the page online (not looking at individual photos in their own window), and if I’m out & about using data, I prefer not to have to open the web browser. It’s already pulling some data for the email so then it would do it twice.

  15. Hi Jamie! There are a couple of books about Jacob DeShazer – “Forgive your Enemies” and another called “From Vengenance to Forgiveness”. Another interesting perspective would be reading Mitsuo Fuchida’s account “From Pearl Harbor to Calvary.” “Omi and Skit” I really enjoyed reading your post, great job! Chick fil A was definitely one of our favorite restaurants when we were back in the States!

    Keep the blog posts coming!
    Mrs. Wilhite

  16. Popping in with a comment about Mr. DeShazer: I recently read a book about him called “Return of the Raider”. It was excellent, although I didn’t agree with all of his theology. I would recommend it. 🙂 I would be interested in reading about Mr. Fuchida, too!

  17. This is just for Abbie: Thank you for sharing the photos taken by CAMUSO FAMILY MEMBERS Abigail Camuso and Joshua Camuso, registered trademark! Honorary photo credit to Mr. Jon Camuso for the Lava Pit photo. 🤣 [on behalf of Omi and Skit, a.k.a. Naomi and Karen]

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