Texas Trip-Expect the Unexpected

Well, here we are, sitting on flight 969 to DFW. On the tarmac. Still. First we were informed by the flight attendants that they had over-fueled the plane; which they said wasn’t a problem, except that our weight is so heavy that Dallas wouldn’t allow us to land. So they had to de-fuel some of it.  

Now we just had another announcement. “We have good news and bad news: the good news is that they have finished fueling the plane that they were fueling, and they have started to de-fuel our plane and that should only take another 10 minutes. (They had been saying that all along!)  But the bad news is that there seems to be a hole developing in the runway, right between both runways.” They have issued a ground stop, which means that all arrivals and departures are shut down out of this airport! 

Out my right window are several vehicles on the runway, including 4 or more yellow trucks with flashing lights. Hmmmm. Fixing the problem? I hope so! They are estimating that we won’t take off for another hour…

So this morning we drove to Trevor and Katie’s house. They took us to the Buffalo airport where we checked in and said good-bye.

 We grabbed a quick breakfast at Checkers… we had never heard of it before.

Next we got on a plane and flew to Baltimore, Maryland. 

Annabelle, Mom, and Karen

I love flying!!!

Upon arrival, we hurried to our next gate to get in Zone B for boarding. Mom got two milkshakes to help liven us up and cool us down!😋

Before long, we were invited aboard, and we found seats.

That is when the fuel problem and runway issue came up. Since we were told that we had an hour to wait, I decided to get working on the blog post. 

DSLR selfie…

Shortly after our fuel truck arrived, one of the flight attendants announced that we were all to exit the aircraft because of the hold. So we gathered up all our things once again and exited. Who knows how long until we leave? The gate area was filling up with people and then they shut all the gate doors. What now? 

We found some tables to sit at and decided to get a little food since we hadn’t really had any lunch. To our surprise, we located a Chick-fil-A! Who would pass up the chance to support a Christian business and get some classic waffle fries and Chick-fil-A sauce at the same time?! Another plus was that we were able to give out some more Gospel tracts! Who knows; maybe God had that come up so that some people would receive the Gospel!

It seemed that more yellow trucks and other airport vehicles were arriving at the scene on the runway. There was even a helicopter hovering over the runway, and the incident was on the news. We sat and waited. Were we ever going to get to Texas?! More waffle fries (to finish the Chick-fil-A sauce…😉🤥) At last all the vehicles were gone, and the flight attendants began opening the doors to the jetways. 

It was quite funny how as soon as they announced the lift of the ground hold, flights were called one right after another! 

“Flight 177, with service to Orlando, please prepare for boarding. If you have left the gate area, please make your way to gate B47 as soon as possible. That’s Bravo 47.”

“Flight 327, departing to Los Angelas, please line up in numerical order. We will begin the boarding process shortly.”

“All passengers on flight 687, with nonstop service to to Chicago, please make your way to gate A16, that’s Alpha 16.”

“Flight 969, if you have wandered away from the gate, please return immediately. Zone A, prepare to board.”

969 was our flight! At last we were in line. A lady in the end of the jetway near the airplane said, “One more done; 30 left to go!” She still had thousands of passengers waiting to come to Baltimore, who had been rerouted other places!

That was the longest 3-hour flight I had ever been on. Long flights (like 14 hours long) are my favorite, but due to a bad headache, I was ready to be done flying for the day!

At last the captain announced the weather and time in Dallas and said we should be on the ground in 15 minutes. It was raining when we arrived. After docking at our gate, the flight attendants de-armed the doors and cross checked. Soon we exited the plane and gave the pilots tracts.

We met Reese who was waiting at the waiting area. We recognized him by his big cowboy hat and a silly smile on the mustached face!☺️

Dallas is so huge! After we were out of that metroplex, we ate at Panda Express in Decatur. They heap on the food until they can barely close the box! That was the best Chinese food I’ve ever had.

We finally rolled over the cattle grid at BBTI around 11 P.M. After taking the groceries to Reese’s house that he had gotten, we headed to the guest rooms and crashed! 

More later…


for the Parfitt ladies

5 thoughts on “Texas Trip-Expect the Unexpected

  1. Great job! How hilarious to have a cowboy waiting for you! 🤠 That Chinese food is making me hungry.😋 I can’t wait for the next post!!

  2. I know! That’s the first time I’ve had that happen!😂🤠 I hope the new post will be out soon! Glad you liked it!😁

  3. Brings back memories…good and bad ones! Especially when we had to sit next to that special guy on the plane…😳 But flying is always fun, right?😅 I’m looking forward to the next post too!👍

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