Last of the Texas trip!!!!

Hello all! Finally I found a free afternoon, and remembered that I never posted this last post of our trip to Texas! Please accept my sincere apologies! Seeing that we plan to visit Texas again next week, I figured I should finish posting about this trip first!😅

So to summarize it, I’ll just include some pictures of the last weekend we were there!

On Saturday with the Oliverios we went sight-seeing in downtown Oklahoma City.

We went to see statues of the Oklahoma Land Run. A man and his son made these one-and-a-half-life-sized statues of the land rush by hand. The attention to details was amazing!

Back at the O’s we ate a delicious late lunch.

We had a fabulous time catching on how to play Set. What a brain exercise!

Mom rested up for the 3-hour drive back to Texas.

I guess we all relaxed after all our walking around that day!

At last it was time to say goodbye to our fun friends and hit the road for Texas!

Sunday we worshiped at Immanuel Baptist Church in Decatur.

That morning we all ate breakfast and then had a devotional instead of their normal Sunday school. It was great to meet Reese’s acquaintances there!

Texas souvenir shopping at the Armadillo Grill!🤠😁

Four square with the Kilollays Sunday afternoon…

On Monday afternoon we went horse riding with the Schnells one last time. That morning we had been able to go to some thrift stores to pick up some cheaper souvenirs…including cowboy boots!

We rode out to the BBTI sign and back.

On Tuesday we were up bright and early– actually, before it was even bright– and left on Christmas Day for NY.

We hardly look awake!😴


Air borne for Baltimore!

Best Chinese food ever….Leean Chin! Only in Baltimore….maybe. Karen and I were still finishing that on the airplane to NY!😋😉

It’s our hobby to watch the activities of the tarmac. (We even waved to the pilots eating Chinese food in the cockpit, and they waved back!😄🤭)

They lit the plane in green and red for Christmas!😂

Trevor and Katie picked us up from the airport and we went to their house for supper. Katie made us delicious comfort food: lasagna! 🤗😋

So there you have it! Stay tuned for the next trip, but I’m not making any promises….🤣


4 thoughts on “Last of the Texas trip!!!!

  1. Thanks for the post! I really like the picture with the ducklings. So cute! Looking forward to seeing you all in TX next week!!!

  2. What a fun and interesting trip. Those statues were amazing. Have a safe trip back to Texas again!

  3. Glad you all enjoyed it. Those ducks almost got run over a boat coming through. You should have seen how those little ducklings could swim and quack when they got separated from their mamma! Cute indeed!🐥😄

    Thank you, Victoria!😁

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