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  1. Beautiful picture! Beautiful family! Beautiful faith! I love you all… come see me whenever you can, k? K!!!

    Your brother, cousin, uncle,

    ~ Philip ~
    Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

    (2 Corinthians 5:14-15)

  2. Thank you so very much for your generous MAF partnership over the years!!! We are especially moved that you’ve continued to support us even after Ken’s startling home-going.( I’m not sure if our condolence letter ever made it to your doorstep because we have a bad address for you.) Your support is especially dear now that some of our support base is becoming elderly and two of our supporting churches has closed their doors.

    A lot has happened with our two families since we studied together at LeTourneau and prayed for God’s direction. The Lord has richly blessed us both with many Christ-following children and we rejoice. Our three sons are now married to wonderful wives who love the Lord, and our “baby” just graduated from college as an elementary teacher. Our son, Robert and his wife, Rebecca (LeTourneau U sweethearts) just moved to Boise and are expecting our first grandbaby!

    That’s our news in brief. I hope we can be in better touch with you now.
    Love, Linda (and Larry) Whiting

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comment, Linda. Yes, we did receive your letter. I’m sorry I haven’t answered it. I haven’t really answered any. We were so overwhelmed by hundreds of cards and letters. I still want to sit and answer them, but it’s pretty different being the widow teaching and leading five or six homeschoolers versus being the widow who has only grandchildren. We are happy to support “our” missionaries. More and more we see that it is a big sacrifice to leave the comfortable USA and go out to try your best to reach heathen people with the terrific news that they have a Creator and He knows them and loves them and will forgive them EVERYTHING if they will worship Him and Him alone. Our recent trip to Papua New Guinea showed us a lot and our fourth son, Dylan, is straining at the bit to go back. I haven’t blogged about it, but we flew into Port Moresby, flew in a Kodiak to Kaintiba Station, and then back out eleven days later in a Kodiak. A missionary pilot, Matt Allen, came in one time while we were in the bush. He flies a Cessna 206. We wish everyone could go and see what is lost but what is gained by leaving the US and reaching out to these people.

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