Progress on our house

front of addtion with new balcony

front of addition with new balcony

We have gotten much done on the house addition since last year’s post. We don’t have time to write! But reading others’ online journals has inspired me to try to write an update. First, though, I am testing this to see if it actually posts. Thanks for your patience with this little note.

Picture-Perfect Late-Summer Day Pt. 2

House – Well, praise the Lord!  It was indeed another beautiful day, and we got a good deal done on the roof system.  If you looked at the house yesterday evening, and then this evening, you wouldn’t see much difference.  But there was a lot of detail work required to make the 2nd floor deck ready to accept the rafters.  We installed the ridge board and one rafter also.  Tomorrow, Lord willing, we’ll install a bunch of rafters and perhaps start on a dormer.

Meditation – We attended the IBLP Basic Seminar last week.  Mr. Gothard spoke about meditation and how using scripture in our prayers can be very powerful.  To that end, I’m endeavoring to memorize Romans chapter 6.  It reminds me of a great message I heard from Doug Schwaderer at an Old Paths Bible Baptist Church men’s meeting.  He spoke on the fact that we (that is our flesh) is DEAD.  Dead people don’t need to be catered to, or pampered, or fed or anything.  When your flesh want you to do something for it (usually something bad), tell it “you’re dead.  Be quiet.”  God’s Word is so good, useful and profiable, amen?


A Picture-Perfect Late-Summer Day

This is the sort of day that I really like. Sunny, but cool, light breeze, and I’m off work! Unfortunately, the last part was not true. I still could enjoy it on the way to work, and at lunch, and on the way home. Tomorrow on the other hand, I plan to take advantage of all aspects of a picture-perfect late-summer day by being off work. K. D. Parfitt & Sons Construction plan to install rafters on our one-and-a-half-story “addition”. I call it a quote-unquote “addition” because it’s really the main house. We built the addition four years ago. Please notice also that I used the plural verb-form of “plan” when referring to the activities of K. D. Parfitt & Sons because it is the proper way in the Queen’s English to refer to an organized body. For example, IBM are going bankrupt. Not that they really are; that was just an example. The stock market doesn’t need any more bad news.

Now, back to rafters. The rafters on our “addition” are fabricated from 22-foot 2x12s. I would like to get the roof on and the windows and doors installed before my next entry which will be titled “A Picture-Perfect Late-Autumn Day”.

Sincerely Yours,
Kenneth Parfitt